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Home builds and engine restorations
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Travis Steam Engine No.4
what is this ??
SE3 burner
renown 105 roller rear wheel casting
renown windmill base pattern
Project "what the...!
a few mamod bits equal??
Disc crank MM1
Marine Steam
More Restorations
Steam Engine No.3
Making a wotsit
modified mamod sr1a back in steam
Getting started
Stuart Simplex
My new engine
calliope renovation
stainless steel spring making
Doll Horizontal I think 337/3 or 4
Doll ? Vertical
square tube easy build engine .
the making of a sight glass
Stuart Launch engine
The ex Jamie Thomo Loko under destruction
Scorpion Loco
Made some wheels
Another Stuart 7A
A Renown 101
New steam plant for Graham Industries VR1A
printer motor genny output ids
canon printer motors as gennys
Modified Stuart 496 Double boiler
Renown burners
Inbound project..
New engine
simple water lifting pumps
Verticle engine build
CK V Twin
the hydro static pump refurb and upgrade
science boiler refurb .
Four cylinder loco build
Double Acting MEC1.
New home build.
a Dicky engine ( Dikta )
A David Auld SR
mamod se chimneys
J Falk Horizontal 143/1 ?
Scorpion Safety Valves
The 1st of many
Renown Filler plug details
Renown 1150 loco
unreliable safety valves
Of Elves and Trolls
kit suggestion for a gift?
the history of stepper motor genny projects
Couple of jobs to do
TUSKS and STUDS for toy steam engines
VCR genny ....the supa genny saga
joining scrap spring drive band
Gears for Meccano 1929 Vertical Boilered Steam Engine
PMR Boiler #1 - Winter Project 2016
spring drive band friction clutch
Maxwell Hemmens Dribbler Build
leather lube washers for engine frames
mamod lube and engine tweaks
Quobble's ext regulator stick- NOW STUCK!!
xl new look genny/motor
mamod lever throttle lock
A Dribbler
mamod burner handle wire jig
mamod vapour burner refurb
"harriet" " harrys" girl friend
mamod mec1
mamod flywheel and whistle handle
the GOLDEN SHINE how to
Cranko Roller
Renown 101 copper
10V restoration/rebuild and reversing linkage
Early Stuarts 3/32 BSW hex head screws
mamod mec1 steam pipe
soot retention factor of polishes
lacquer or not MAMOD
mamod mec1 and sp3 boiler cowls
Renown 105 Roller overhaul
D10 Stephenson linkage
mamod engine frame bearing refurb .
tin zinc plate for worn pistons experiment
mamod zinc flywheel finish experiment
DE zinc repair experiment
mamod type vapour burners
tin zinc plate ...a chrome alterative
mec1 and sp3 boiler cowl refinishing
chuffing jensen 5
im a fan of .....
My Parken went pop ;-))
Presenting George boiler with Whistle manifold II attached.
printer type motors as gennys
steam calliope re build and restoration
demon made water tank now has a drain tap on it.............
Cyldon 13-1
chuffer cup
Soldering small parts - Elmer's #24 Beam
Ozsteamdemon making me a 2nd whistle manifold. build thread.
Homemade displacement luber
Quick electromagnet motor build**NOW WITH VIDEO**
Noisy Blighter gets a new safety valve!
need some scorpion chimney dimensions
Cyldon 13-5
Bowman E 158
Vintage steam model piston AKA SEL 1560 Marine Engine
steam radio
Making more engines.
A Stuart 10H [picture heavy]
A simple oscillator.
A sort of steam engine maybe :)
Restoring the Renown 1150 Train
Renown 105 Roller
My little crescent #1
1930s Stuart No.8
push- bike dynamo as a steam genny
Resurrecting a renown windmill
ac / dc stepper motor genny build for model steam engines
Stuart No1 Latest acquisition [rebuild]
Cranko Mogul tickle up
xl inverter build
over excitation of toy gennys
clap hands switch ......mystery candle
steam powered jacob ladders
A waste of time
jin whistle with valve, I bought, has a mamod adapter on it!
Stuart doing some work
can a genny charge a battery driven by a steam engine ???
Party light for orphan genny
fluorescent work light
voltage multiplier
wilesco d45 repair
mamod lighting fluo saga build
hear the chuff .......see the chuff ??
Bowman Chimneys and Pullies
scruffy pw202
magic lantern
micro/ nano gennys for steam engines
tacho for toy steam engines
A very very old Stuart S50
david auld vapour burners
My TE1A double reduction
led flasher
" theif"|||||
low voltage .....high output project
Wilesco D32 el urgent repair Melbourne
laser drama
David Auld Safety Valves
Stuart Meteor
pretty lights ......leds
A new hospital patient from across the pond - job sheet 076
xl power grid
two more gennies
small part cleaning tip
Stuart 469 Minor Boiler
Stuart S50
full beam
well chuffed with these plaques
Stuart Centrifugal Pump N01
Double sized Elmers beam gets an oiler
overunity power generation
80 volts of nothing
jaycar stepper motor
Mamod MM1 and SEL 1530
Mamod MM1 and SEL 1530
Steam engine built from well pump.
perseus genny?
how to make 100 ma light globes
Petrie steam shed model engine ,a Stuart Score gets TLC!!
drive band slippage
Renown SR
blue thunder restoration
frog lights
genny know how
my se3 plus, gets some Wilesco 'bling'
led signage
Building another steam plant with beam engine.
Assorted whistles ,made for me, through the years...........
Not a tooter, more of a hooter
model w'shop I have, gets some XLent treatment..........
Auld Replica TE
Goodall Valve Revisited
power up project
Stuart ST Twin
Meccanno SV
micro chuffer
Bowman Dynamo
Empire 43 ready to go home to USA
Bowman Snipe
New member - just built own engine
Made another part
My first 2 projects when I get my new shed set up
Stuart Dynamo
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