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IMPORTANT!! Keep your refillable gas tank valves covered....
nibbler attachment
Stuart 10h Date
high amp transformer
spot welding with a stick welder
mini electric arc furnace building .
Brass finish help
Seized piston
Renown piston
Grain alcohol burner
Marklin Question
Casting Brass
Photo etched brass
S50 steam chest cover nuts
Ever had problems with your little nuts
Stuart 10v bolt size
peake help
SIEG C0 Baby Lathe
TMS Sieg C0 Lathe Thread
Metal Working Lathe Help
Bowman M122
Ordanance, lagging, and silver brazing
Can any one help
Walter's (new) workshop
Timing a twin
Old Märklin steam engine burner question
xl " supa white " metal polish
threaded teflon washers
Lagerbock/Feet for flywheel fleischmann steamer
excess solder removal ......hints and tips
leather sanding disks
crank pin squareness
metal polishing ......bench grinder set
polishing mop spin dryer
Stuart cylinder wrap around
compound metal polish removal
Parken Whistles
soaps for mops .......metal polishing
Stuart 10h build question
removing ZINCALUME from plate .
if the shoe fits .....use it
chefs blow torch add on
non abrasive cleaning wheels
Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. New fuel tank.
David Auld burners
Toot toot
Crank case for M27
styrene foam cutter
A question about dc dynamos/motors
DIKTA horizontal engine
electro cleaning brass and other metals
resistance soldering
Nuts, bolts, and bearing oil
Oh B####CKS
MM2 not running
Silver Solder
Homemade Spot Welder
Gland packing
What a find...
Newbie with a question about modifications to a Wilesco D2
Chester Conquest Lathe
Paint removal
Welcome to my home workshop
Bearing journals
Had a good day at the markets today
Updated pics of my new workshop
ice powered steam leak detection tool
Stuart model paint
Cutting threads on a lathe with no screw-cutting facility.
One for the home machinist
De-electrifying a Jensen #35...?
A neat little micrometer, Helios 0-1"
Meccano 1930 steam engine
self designed spool valve engine not running on steam
carbide inserts
concave magnets
New 3 in 1 machine arrives.
I have decided on my first project
help with materials
Moving 1/2 of steel by my self
Gas can use
Vacuum relief valve setting
Silver Re Soldering
Copper tube straightening
Unusual tools
The Newcommen Engine
Broken compressor manifold
Another lathe.
Drain Cock Question
Super heating / preheating
Replacing the Jensen 20g boiler
whats your favourit joint compound?
Milling machines
Two new additions to the family.
Polyurethane round pulley belts
Stuart Turner 10h details
I think I may have lost my lathe......
Seig C6 lathe and mods
Unknown Solder
Resoldering an se3 endcap
Snapped off Water level plug
Tangential lathe tool
Lathe essentials help.
My new workshop
My little Workshop
Brass tap / Brass stop cock
5/16 BSF Tap & Die.
You like to build a burner for your Jensen 75?? look here!
Mighty Atom and Trolls and Elves
These new ubeaut 'super burners'
Making 'gripping teeth' on a pully wheell?
Silver soldering question
Ever lost a tool???
How do I turn this profile on a metal lathe?
If anyone has a Jensen 85
Trevs Workshop
home work shop
Very small lathe advice sought.
soldering question
Correct way to use micrometer
Do we have any licensed electricians in the house??
Any ideas for a wobbly flywheel (not Chris after a few)
Machining cast flywheel
Chuffers and chuff pots
Blowlamp recommendations?
Few new bits for the workshop
lube it up
EKT Lathe draw
I want a lathe like this
P M Research #3 painting and plumbing
Tube size for pump?
4" (100mm) Copper Pipe
Thanks Geoff - The Demon!
Brass tube bending and soldering
renown 105 roller restoration
Parken Steam Engine
Help: Weeden Glass Sight Gauge Repair
Homemade Miniature Spark Ignitor Jan Ridders
Soldering union cones
Tube bending
Theo's workshop, when it was clean
Jim's Workhop
Show your latest tooling acquisitions
My workshop
Cad - CNC plans
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