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GracesGuide to Industrial History GB
Big Al's Site
mersey models
nickel plate handbook
Stuart engine changes
how they are made vids
EKT Drive Models with Links including Stuart Turner
German Site for ID and pretty pictures
Another Auction Site with lots of pictures
Virtual Workshop
Marklin Catalogues 1930 +
Interesting Catalog site
Fleischmann site like Ventix-pages
globes for gennys
Theriault's Auction Site
Alino Auktionen for Reference
Model Toy Grading Scale
A helpful 'Home Model Engine Machinist' Forum
Aussie boiler codes
Empire engine leaflet & Operation instructions HERE
Trains; Bassett-Lowke and other
Useful DataBank Liveauctioneers
Wilesco Traktor ID and stuff
Useful DataBank History Toy
Resistor calculations for LED
Translation Dictionary
The Toy Steam Bible
Voltage Regulator for Electric Heated Engines
Thread sizes
Boiler volumes and engine dimensions
List of manufacturers and suppliers 30 April 2015
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